Taxes are one of the most complicated algorithms on the planet. Why? Because not each of our tax plans are ever the same. There could always be that little something that you’re missing out or completely neglecting, that can pull down your net income. It’s impossible to build long-term growth and wealth without paying attention to your taxes.

Tax returns and refunds, done the correct way can help you become more tax efficient. If you’re doing your taxes alone then you could quite possibly be paying more or less than the actual amount, without even knowing. Financial advisors act as your tax planner, they put you in the best possible position to make tax-efficient decisions on your returns and refunds.

Not yet convinced to hire a financial advisor? Here are 5 reasons why your financial advisor should help you with your returns:

1. Your financial advisory probably sees more mistakes in your finances that you do.

There is a never-ending change in the world of tax laws, financial regulations and investment benefits. What may be the correct procedure today can be obsolete tomorrow and chances are you may not even be aware of it. Your 8% return on investments or 30% tax benefits can plummet without you having the slightest clue and no way to minimize the damage.

This is where financial advisors such as Studio MG come in.  Financial advisors provide their clients with specialist advice on how to manage their taxation, investments and money. Their role involves researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate schemes, investments and policies available to the client, ensuring that client is aware all times of changing rules and regulations.

2. Support to all- foreigners as well as locals.

As a foreigner living in Italy, language can be a great barrier. This is as true in your daily life, as in your financial planning and tax paying. We know Italian tax laws may be difficult to understand if you do not understand the language or the financial layout decreed by the government.

We understand that the tax laws and other commercial requirements are difficult to understand. We, at Studio MG, smoothly facilitate you in all your financial needs with the help of our young, dynamic and multi-lingual financial advisors that can advice you on your financial situation from the get-go to the very end.

3. As the client you can delegate your work.

Knowing that your financial advisors are on your side and only want the best for you is crucial. When receiving advice on your finances it is imperative that you can trust the advice and information 100%. This gives you more peace of mind.

Specifically, this runs true when your advisors like Studio MG are reliable, discreet, informed and leaders in their field. In order to give to our clients the best of services our team at Studio MG consists of a group of highly educated specialists in their specific fields. The clients can delegate and trust these advisors to deal with government agencies and representatives and find the best solutions, acting on them in a timely manner.

4. Avoid unpleasant surprises.

Many clients come to us because they were extremely dissatisfied with their previous advisors, who make incorrect tax decisions. This ends up making the clients pay sometimes close to double of what they should be actually paying in their tax bills.

Creating unnecessary tax liabilities is something all of us want to avoid, regardless of the tax bracket. Yes, there are certain instances where an increase in taxes might be unavoidable, but overall the goal should be to minimize the amount you need to pay as taxes- to the bare minimal. This is done through year round research, knowledge and expertise- so that when the time comes for you to pay your taxes, there are no unwanted surprises from your financial advisor.

5. Having legal advice in the tax and financial field.

Legality in the tax world becomes increasingly complex as you move up in life and, in general, the day-to-day life of entrepreneurs and companies is complex. So it is difficult to keep up to date with what the law states and all the procedures that must be done in accordance to it.

Having a legal financial and tax advisor like Studio MG, ensures you act within the EU regulated law, without taking risks or having scares with the your hard earned money. The financial advisor’s job is to minimize your tax burden by offering safe and profitable solutions to you as a client.

Is it time you hire a financial advisor? Book an appointment with our consultants and see where you stand in the taxation world.