This is for the expats in Italy. What exactly is the Golden Visa? The Golden Visa is similar to the Investor Visa. It is a 2-year visa given to non-European citizens who choose to make large investments in Italy's future. By investing in the country, foreigners are granted the right to stay in Italy as long-term residents and eventually, if they choose, as citizens.

Compared to traditional immigration, which is long and stressful this way is simply and fast. The process goes like this: once you have obtained residency in one Member State of the European Union, you are afforded all the rights (and eventual duties) of other citizens, including free movement within the Schengen area. If your long-term goal is to become an Italian citizen, this may be the best option.

How much does one need to invest in order to be eligible for the Golden Visa? Each case is different and it depends on which of the investment options are most attractive to the individual in question. The Relaunch Decree of 2020 by the Government of Italy decreased the cost of the lowest two options by half, while leaving the most expensive ones intact.

The most commonly applied investments made in order to obtain the Golden Visa are as follows:

• € 2,000,000 purchase of government bonds;
• € 1,000,000 as a philanthropic donation;
• € 1,000,000 € 500,000 in loans to an Italian limited company;
• € 500,000 € 250,000 invested into a start-up.

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