It’s that time of year again, the month of June, when the previous accounting year is at an end and taxes need to be paid. If you’re a foreigner or a local living in the European Union, and you’re wondering when should you hire a tax professional, the answer is: NOW!

But let’s be honest: Not everyone has time to learn, research and be a financial expert. If you would rather have your tax returns executed on time and in the correct manner, on your behalf, without having to constantly worry about mistakes and calculation errors then it’s time to hire one of the top tax advisors in Italy. Especially, in times of uncertainty, such as the financial situation we are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuously changing process and rules of tax returns in Italy. You may be better off consulting a pro to deal with these situations.

A tax pro is likely to be your best bet in several situations, including when you fall in the following categories:

1. You’re self-employed, own a small business, or are a freelancer.

2. You’ve experienced a major life event, such as getting married or divorced, receiving an inheritance, or moving to a different state.

3. You just bought your first house or made a new major investment.

4. You have foreign accounts or investments or you yourself are a foreigner in Italy making your way through the first steps of your financial journey.

The complexity of the above-mentioned cases means that using a professional tax preparer and advisor can save you time, reduce stress, avoid critical errors, and potentially uncover tax savings that even the best tax software might not surface.

In our experience at Studio MG, we have had clients that have done their own taxes once or twice. They have been extremely stressed and sometimes have made glaring mistakes. Now, combine that with our current complicated tax situations, changing employment rules and financial uncertainty, our clients are much happier receiving our advice and leaving the process of filing their tax returns to us.

Besides filling your tax return on your behalf, your tax advisor also:

1. Helps you plan your tax in the long-term,
2. Handles your internal audit consulting services
3. Researches & compares different tax systems to give you the best results,

4. Recommends investments, products, and strategies that may benefit you.

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