Professionals with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business (whose full title is dottore commercialista) are individuals recognized by Italian law to have competent knowledge about commercial, economic, financial, tax-related and accounting topics, having previously achieved the proper qualification in the same.

A commercialista can be responsible towards individuals, companies or non- profits and is responsible for management and liquidation of assets. For startups,

sole proprietors, freelancers or established businesses, a commercialista’s job is job is to make sure that no mistakes are made with the fiscal system.

One of the most important criteria in a accountant is that they must be extremely knowledgeable, experienced and international to deal with commercial problems in Italy and in the European Union. And this stands especially true for expats and international freelancers working in Italy. Why?

First and foremost, international commercialistas are multilingual. They speak a variety of languages, can translate fiscal requirements to their clients and help safely invest in Italy.

Studio MG is an amalgamation of international commercialistas who come together to provide their clients the highest quality services in the fiscal field. Consultants at Studio MG speak both Italian and English and specialize in serving expats in Milan.

Studio MG provides services such as:

• Licensing
• Internal Auditing
• Opening VAT number
• Income Tax compliance
• Accounting &budgeting
• Assistance in billing process
• Financial Advice
• Corporate consultancy

If you are an expat living in Italy or the European Union click here ( to book an appointment with our international commercialista or call +39 02 83660811.