Consultant accountant

Studio MG provides individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and companies, active and effective consultancy services in the administrative, fiscal and taxation fields. It supports companies in every phase of their life, from start-up, to the choice of the corporate formula, to development and management control. Studio MG is a dependable partner you can always rely on.

The main services offered are:

Photo of the meeting room of the associated Studio Magnaghi Giannotto in Milan
  • Assistance in relationship building with shareholders
  • Assistance for administrators
  • Management of corporate obligations
  • Extraordinary operations
  • Company evaluations
  • Contracts with third parties
  • Development of financial variable control models
  • Advice in the choice of financing
  • Management of relations with banks
  • Interest rate bargaining
  • Reporting to the parent company
  • Specific reporting for the consolidation
  • Financial statements
  • Internal monthly reporting
  • Reporting to the parent company
  • Specific reporting for the consolidation
  • General accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • Assistance in the creation of internal reporting systems
  • Creation of internal procedures for billing
  • Systems for issuing and sending active electronic invoices
  • Systems for receiving passive electronic invoices
  • Services aimed at optimizing some processes associated with electronic invoicing
  • Tax declaration
  • IRAP declaration
  • LIPE communication
  • Communications Foreign operations
  • Intrastat lists communication
  • Communication of letters of intent received
  • Tax Returns Form 770
  • Registration of Lease Agreements
  • Any kind of communication was necessary