Royalty Audits

The commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark (licensor) and whoever has the right of use of said license (licensee) is increasingly complex and not always governed by appropriate contracts. Studio MG offers qualified experience in the revision of license agreements and monetary negotiations that may emerge from contractual revisions. How can you be sure that licensees are reporting royalties correctly? Does the licensing agreement sufficiently protect your brand?

Photo of the team of the Studio associated Magnaghi Giannotto

Our team of expert reviewers are able to verify the critical points of the license agreement, such as mathematical errors, errors in the royalty rate, identification of the price and discounts granted, sublicense, etc.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of license agreements, we at Studio MG are able to assess whether your agreement protects you from possible distorted uses.

Studio MG works in close coordination with the licensee, negotiating with the latter the best economic strategy and commercial relationship.